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Our Prices

We make doing your laundry simple. We can save your time, so you can enjoy doing the things you love. We can save you money on soap, water, heating and electricity. So you can enjoy even more of the things you love. Our prices are simple and affordable.

Clean & Press

T-shirt 1.75JD
Shirt 1.50JD
Blouse 2.00JD
Trousers 2.00JD
Jeans 2.00JD
Sweat pants 2.00JD
Leggings 2.00JD
Shorts 2.00JD
Long dress 5.00JD
Evening dress Starting from 15JD
Short dress 5.00JD
Bridal dress Starting from 20JD
Skirt 2.50JD
Vest 2.50JD
Suite (3-pieces) 5.00JD
Suite (2-pieces) 4.00JD
Blazer 3.00JD
Coats 5.00JD
Jackets 4.00JD
Jackets (includes Leather, fur & cashmere) 6.00JD
Blazer 3.00JD
Hoodie 2.00JD
Light knitwear 3.00JD
Heavy knitwear 4.00JD
Jumper 3.00JD
Cardigan 3.00JD
Winter hat 2.00JD
Dishdash 4.00JD
Hatta 1.50JD
Abaya 3.00JD
Scarfs 2.00JD
Tie (includes bow tie) 1.50JD
Handkerchief 1.00JD
Pashmina 2.00JD
Cap 1.00JD
Hatta 1.50JD
Underwear 0.50JD
Bra 0.50JD
Socks 0.50JD
Undershirt 1.00JD
Bathing suite 1.00JD
Pyjamas 3.00JD

Press Only

T-shirt 1.00JD
Shirt 1.00JD
Blouse 1.00JD
Trousers 1.00JD
Jeans 1.00JD
Sweat pants 1.00JD
Leggings 1.00JD
Shorts 1.00JD
Long dress 3.50JD
Evening dress Starting from 10JD
Short dress 3.00JD
Bridal dress Starting from 20JD
Skirt 1.50JD
Vest 1.50JD
Suite (3-pieces) 3.50JD
Suite (2-pieces) 2.50JD
Blazer 2.00JD
Coats 3.50JD
Jackets 3.00JD
Jackets (includes Leather, fur & cashmere) 4.00JD
Blazer 2.00JD
Hoodie 1.50JD
Dishdash 2.00JD
Hatta 1.00JD
Abaya 2.00JD
Scarfs 1.00JD
Tie (includes bow tie) 1.00JD
Handkerchief 1.00JD
Pashmina 1.00JD
Hatta 1.00JD